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The Director

Rein Barnes, the Owner and Director of Magic Carpet Academy, has at least 20 years of combined successful teaching and educational leadership experience in the Philippines and the United States. Rein Barnes currently holds a NC Principal License and a Level III Early Childhood Education Administrator License.

Rein Barnes is also the Program Director of Sipnayan Math Center which offers free afterschool program through the 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant. 

Educational Background

Rein Barnes is an alumna of Philippine Science High School, the top science high school in the Philippines and among the best in the ASEAN region, and the University of the Philippines, the Philippines' premier university. Rein Barnes has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics. She also successfully completed the School Administration Program at Gardner-Webb University which led to the acquiring the NC Principal License. Mrs. Barnes is currently working on her doctoral degree in educational leadership.

Career Background

In 2007, Rein Barnes came to the United States as a Visiting International Faculty in Western Vance High School, an alternative high school in Henderson, North Carolina. Despite the academic gaps in her students abilities, Mrs. Barnes' End-of-Grade results are higher compared to the other high schools of the county. Mrs. Barnes was named as the Teacher of the Year in 2009.

In 2011, Rein Barnes moved to Wilson and became a member of Sallie B Howard School faculty. At SBHS, Mrs. Barnes held different positions such as Math Teacher, Team Leader, Curriculum Specialist, Teacher Licensure Specialist, Test Coordinator and performed many other responsibilities. Mrs. Barnes was also an advocate of students' abilities and led the school's MATHCOUNTS participation, Spelling Bee Competitions, National Junior Honors Society, and Middle School Graduations. Mrs. Barnes was named as Teacher of the Year in 2012.

In 2017, Rein Barnes founded Sipnayan Math Center which aims to provide academic enrichment to low-performing students using hands-on experiences in an afterschool program. Through Sipnayan Math Center, Mrs. Barnes was awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant for twice in a row. Data shows that students of Sipnayan Math Center performs relatively higher than students who do not attend the program. Sipnayan Math Center currently operates a free afterschool and summer camp program at Airport Blvd, Wilson, NC.

Educational Philosophy

Yes, all children learn! But children only learn what is given. Rein Barnes believe that exposure to different learning opportunities play a very important role in children's success. In addition, children's early exposure to global competition will lead to bigger dreams and more future achievements. 

The Director's Choice

"I want the children of Magic Carpet Academy to be taught the way I wanted my children taught when they were at that age." - Rein Barnes

As a parent, Rein Barnes does not settle for anything less than the best for her own children. Mrs. Barnes choose to leave her 20 years of successful career in K-12 education by personally managing Magic Carpet Academy to ensure that her dream for these children are materialized.

"I want to create a brand, the best brand! For Kindergarten or 1st grade teachers to say to our graduates, oh I know you are more than prepared for this because you came from Magic Carpet Academy. For our graduates to be future valedictorians because they had the solid foundation at an early age when their brain was like a sponge absorbing all the knowledge that it can get." - Rein Barnes

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